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Product code 6MS080

Masonary Screws

Perfect for all solid construction materials, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm
  • £6.19
Product code 6NBL50

Polytop Nails

Polytop nails with large heads 40mm 50mm 65mm
  • £6.95
Product code 6PBL30

Polytop Pins

Polytop pins with small heads 30mm, 40mm
  • £6.95
Product code GLSCBL10

Screw Cap Covers

Screw cap covers for masonry work, 10mm and 12mm
  • £3.50
Product code 6SYP430

Wood Screws

High corrosion resistant yellow wood screws all different sizes for all types of work on wood
  • £1.65