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Product code 6MS120

Masonary Screws

Perfect for all solid construction materials, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm, 140mm
  • £7.29
Product code 6NBL50

Polytop Nails

Polytop nails with large heads 40mm 50mm 65mm
  • £6.95
Product code 6PBL30

Polytop Pins

Polytop pins with small heads 30mm, 40mm
  • £6.95
Product code GLSCBL10

Screw Cap Covers

Screw cap covers for masonry work, 10mm and 12mm
  • £3.50
Product code 6WPBN

Wall Plugs

Wall plugs for putting screws into walls, red are 4mm thread, brown are 5mm thread
Product code 6SYP540

Wood Screws

High corrosion resistant yellow wood screws all different sizes for all types of work on wood
  • £2.88