soudal logo 2Here is our range of Soudal products featuring the Fire Rated / High Temperature Resistant range,the Hand Held PU Expanding Foam, the Silirub 2S and the SMX 506.
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Product code SOHHCG

Comfort Genius

Hand held comfort, expanding foam.
  • £3.95
Product code 3SOFACBL

Firecryl FR (4hrs)

Acrylic Polymer Sealant for indoor fire protection systems.
  • £2.28
Product code SOFRFSB1

Fire Silicone B1-FR (4hrs)

For passive fire protection systems.
  • £3.52
Product code SOFACCL

Fix All Crystal

100% crystal clear sealant, Heavy duty.
  • £4.35
Product code SOFAC

Fix All Flexi

Highly flexible multi-use sealant.
  • £3.70
Product code 3SOGC

Glass and Mirror Cleaner - Alcohol Based

For cleaning glass and mirrors.
  • £1.95
Product code 3SOMC


Universal cleaning foam spray.
  • £3.62
Product code 3SOSC

PVCu Frame Cleaner - Solvent Based

Solvent based PVCu cleaner.
  • £3.50
Product code 3SOSR

Sealant Remover

Fast working non spill spray based on Terpenes, for removing hardened silicones and hybrid polymers.
  • £5.75
Product code 3SOSS

Silicone Spray

Transparent silicone spray, lowers friction, high temperature resistance
Product code SOSR2SW

Silirub 2S

Food Safe Neutral sealant.
  • £2.55
Product code SOSRHTA

Silirub HT-A (285°C)

Fast curing acetoxy sealant.
  • £4.33
Product code SOSRHTN

Silirub HT-N (280°C)

Strong holding neutral sealant.
  • £4.33
Product code SOSMX506

SMX 506 Self Cleaning Glass Sealant

Self cleaning glass hybrid silicone sealant.
  • £6.90
Product code SO40FC

Soudaflex 40 FC

High modulus Polyurethane based silicone sealant.
  • £2.48
Product code 3SOSFGF

Soudafoam Gap Filler

Polyurethane expanding foam filler, strong and easy to use
  • £4.74