The Kitchen – Heart & Soul of the Home

Autumn started off feeling like summer for many parts of the country but, now that October is nearly here, there is a noticeable drop in temperature. And just when did the dark nights sneak up on us all again?! Though there are many downsides to the colder seasons in the UK, there are also lots of things to look forward to and nearly all of them involve everyone’s favourite accompaniment — food! Make sure your kitchen is up to scratch with the range of kitchen sealants available NOW from AB Northern.

Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night and, of course, Christmas and New Year — they all have a strong focus on special food and the kitchen becomes the heart and hub of any home as the autumn draws on and winter waits in the wings. Making sure that your kitchen is in top notch condition now will save you a lot of extra hassle than if you leave it till the last minute, so you will be free to enjoy the food and festivities.

At AB Northern, we pride ourselves on offering our customers a wide choice of products in order that they can make the best choice for their unique project and circum­stances. One of the silicone sealant products particularly suited to use in the kitchen is Silirub 25, which has all the key features you would expect from a food-grade material and is always available at our signature low price.

So, what are the benefits and features of SIlirub 25?

  • Silirub 25 is designed to be food-safe with the addition of a powerful and effective anti-fungicidal agent to the formula, which is low modulas and has a totally neutral core

  • No solvents are used in the manufacture or final product, so the thick bodied, fast skinning/­curing sealant has virtually no odour and can be used, usually without primer, on all common construction materials

  • Once cured, Silirub 25 is highly elastic and will resist attack from chemicals, oil, temperature extremes and all forms of weather including UV

  • Choose any colour you like to create the perfect look!

There is lots more to discover about SIlirub 25 silicone kitchen sealant, so check out for all of the technical details and to place your order today! Have an awesome autumn and a wonderful winter.

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