ABN Superseal RAL Coloured Silicone Sealant


ABN Superseal is a made to order RAL colour match specialist sealant, any RAL colour can be matched and pricing starts from as little as ¬£4.20 + VAT per tube, prices may varey per colour.

Orders for Superseal are only available at a minimum of 60 Tubes, but are limitless after 60 Tubes

Please contact us for availability as lead times will apply.



Superseal Ral coloured silicone sealant
ABN Superseal is a top grade low modulus silicone sealant making it virtually odourless, (no vinegar smell), it is a thick bodied sealant making it easier to tool and has high elasticity properties.
ABN Superseal has a fast skin over and cure time and contains a powerful fungicide which helps protect against mould growth so it can also be used for sanitary appli­cations, it also has excellent primerless adhesion on most common substrates such as concrete, brick, PVCu, wood, steel to name but a few.


  • PVCu windows, doors and conser­vato­ries
  • Perimeter sealing
  • Construction
  • Expansion joints
  • Sanitary


  • Primerless adhesion on most construction materials
  • Anti mould properties
  • 100% silicone - filler and extension free
  • 25% movement capability
  • Resistant to UV and many chemicals
  • Weather resistant
  • Quality standard - BS EN ISO11600 - F&G - 25LM
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