No Mess, No Solvent, No Limits — What is it..?

In the building trade, ‘miracle materials’ are few and far between; most come with a long handbook of when you can or can’t use them for any given situation. But, here at AB Northern, you can get your hands on an everyday miracle at an everyday price that will dramatically reduce the amount of stuff you have to carry around with you…

The construction trade is a heavy-duty one and so of course all of the materials and accessories that go along with it have to be just as heavy duty too. What you’re looking for is a single, hand-held and ready-to-go solution to 1001 filling, sealing and bonding applications - look no further because it is right here in the form of Fix All Flexi.

Fix All Flexi is so versatile that it would take us the whole page just to write a bullet pointed list and then we would still be missing some. It could best be described as a fixer because its multi-usage capability means that it is a sealant, filler and adhesive all in one - single tube, triple action!

Whether your jobs are indoors, outdoors or a combination of the two, Fix All Flexi is quickly going to become your right hand piece of kit. So you’re enjoying building out in the hot sun of a British summer day and - guess what - it starts raining. So what?! You can keep going in all weathers with Fix All Flexi and there is no loss of performance, even when the surfaces you’re applying it to are damp.

Having to use primer doubles the length of the job and that just isn't in Fix All Flexi’s plan. No primer is needed for instant adhesion on almost any construction material and, once it's dry, then you can easily paint over it as if it were not even there. On porous natural stones, no stain is left behind and, thanks to its solvent- and odour-free formulation, it’s great for sanitary applications as well.

Best of all, once it’s applied then it’s sticking around - literally! No nasty black mould can form to mess up your bathroom, shower or kitchen as the product is mould-resistant -  just sparkling, hygienically clean surfaces all round for you and your family to enjoy.

Wherever you need to fix - use Fix All Flexi from AB Northern. More details here….

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