Is it a Flex? No, It's a SUPERFLEX!

When you are working with metal, you have to be absolutely certain that the fixings and fastenings associated with the work are of the best quality, in order to get all of the benefits and ensure a lasting, professional finish. This means that you don’t just need a sealant that has flex, you need a sealant that has SUPER flex - and you can get your hands on it right here on the AB Sealants website today! So, what is this magic product?

Aptly named, ABN Superflex C is a sealant and adhesive combination that is ideal for use in many metal industries, such as for ductwork and furniture manufacture and the installation of hygienic steel cladding panels. Extremely versatile, the product can also be used successfully as a PVCu adhesive.

ABN Superflex C offers many advantages, including:

  • No shrinkage after curing - the product is thick bodied and maintains its size even after the curing process

  • Perfect adhesion - perfect for use on all metals, ABN Superflex can also be used on many other construction materials from masonry and wood to plastic and glass

  • The low mod, neutral core silicone sealant has almost no odour whatsoever as it is solvent-free, making it much more safe and pleasant to work with than the alternatives

  • Cures and skins remarkably quickly to reduce downtime

  • Our Trade Size pack is a 380ml fill cartridge which also features an above-average size nozzle to allow for much wider joints to be sealed without interruption and time spent changing cartridges

  • Extremely elastic, with a massive 25% movement capability

  • Once cured, the ultimate protection against chemical attack, rain, snow, ozone, temperature extremes and UV is given

  • On most surfaces, primer is not needed, saving you even more time and money

  • As well as the surface to which it is applied, ABN Superflex C adheres tightly to all of the guidelines set out in ISO 11600 - F&G - 25LM

  • The professional, medium­/heavy-duty skeleton gun required for use, which is designed with extra strength and will also work with 310ml cartridges, is also available from AB Sealants at the most competitive market price

So, when you need to seal the deal in the most professional way, then choose ABN Superflex C Trade Size! To order now, just click here!

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